Welcome to Stepping Stone Preschool & DCC!

Stepping Stone Preschool and Day Care Center is an early childhood learning center that allows children to be true children exploring, socializing and learning.  We have been caring and educating children for over 30 years.  Our staff are qualified, energetic and personable; the majority of the staff at the center have been here for nearly 18 years (opened September 1990) with several members here since opening day! 


At Stepping Stone Preschool and Day Care Center we protect and advocate for children to be allowed to play as well as learn.  The academics needed for kindergarten and first grade are integrated throughout the day in both large group and small group times.  We strive to empower children so that their self-esteem and self-confidence are developed in a supportive environment.


We are open 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday.  We are located off of Route 9 in Latham near the Lexus car dealership.  We accept children for full time (5 days per week) as well as part time (2.3 and 4 days per week).

We give it our all

Our staff consists of a teacher and an assistant in each room, some rooms having more than one assistant (depending on size of the room).  The majority of our staff have been at Stepping Stone Preschool and Day Care Center for over 18 years. 


The director who oversees all curriculum and lesson plans in each room has a doctorate in education with certification in early childhood, elementary, reading and special education.  All teachers in the rooms work closely with both the director in their curriculum development and with each parent to insure their child's comfort and success in the room.


During all hours the center is open there is on staff a person with certification in first aid, cpr and MAT (medication administration training).  We have a registered nurse on staff who consults with the director regularly and is at the center once a week.


Our approach


At Stepping Stone Preschool and Day Care Center our approach to learning in all our rooms (infant through Preschool) is to help each child to become a truly confident individual with the language skills and divergent thinking skills to help them navigate the school years ahead.


Useful Facts from A to Z


Stepping Stone Preschool and Day Care Center has seperate rooms for the following age groups:

  • infants (starting at 8 1/2 weeks)
  • one year olds
  • toddlers (18 mths to three years)
  • three year olds
  • preschool (4 and 5 year olds)


We provide morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch.